SANA Awards 2013

Gold Medal: Gerrie Griffioen

Gold Medal:  Gerrie Griffioen Although he was retired out of the industry his legacy continues. A loyal supporter for many years he was a stalwart at functions and SANA activities for many years. Not only did he participate in Trade Fairs he showed enthusiasm for the Knoppies property donating most of the compost used in its development and maintenance for over twenty years. His legacy and commitment to SANA continues through to the next generation which have also become strong supporters of the Association.


Service Award: Morné Faulhammer

Service Award: Morné Faulhammer His support for the industry is obvious having served on the EXCO for a number of years and ultimately as SANA President in 2006. The SANA Service award recognizes his contribution and ongoing commitment to working for the greater good of the industry on issues around working for water and Biodiversity.


Service Award: Keith Kirsten

Service Award: Keith Kirsten One of our most loyal Members and protagonists of the Association his contribution and ongoing enthusiasm makes him a role model for many. The Service award acknowledges his passion for the students coming into the Association and the growing the SANA Tom Arnold Bursary Fund of which he is current chair. The fundraising over the past year would not have been possible without his dedication.


Merit Award: Leon Scholtz

Merit Award: Leon Scholtz For more than a decade he has been a strong supporter of the SANA Trade fairs and a regular exhibitor. He has become a valuable member of the working for water team and issues around biodiversity where he regularly challenges the status quo. The Merit Award recognizes his passion not only for SANA but for the green industry.


President’s Award: Kay Montgomery

President's Award: Kay Montgomery

This award is handed out at the sole discretion of the President and there are no criteria. When you look at the previous recipients, the Presidents cup alumni have been recognised as strong supporters of SANA and in particular of the President. What is interesting to see is that they all continue with that support. Kay Montgomery is a person who is always available and prepared to help with ideas and a brainstorming session.

She has worked with SANA President Wayne Stewart on a number of projects over the years. Her support for The President and indeed for SANA is something special. This award recognises the continued support and perspective not only now but in the future without fail.