Proposed SANA Training courses 2012

Below is a basic description of the courses provided and the outcomes to be expected. If you have other training ideas or needs within your business or need more details with regards to the courses currently offered, please contact Cary (

Creative displays and merchandising Level 1 – Introduction

Introductory skills and knowledge to generate sales by creating practical and aesthetically pleasing merchandised and display area.
• Design principles
• Form
• Colour
• Display plants and decorative products

Creative displays and merchandising Level 2 – Advanced

Learners need to have completed Level 1 and now the move onto more challenging displays, enhancing their design skills.
• Cross merchandising
• Design styles
• Identify different styles
• Cottage Country Contemporary
• Oriental

Indoor plant workshop
• Plant Care – the importance of correct watering methods
• Grooming plant
• Signs and damage caused by pests and diseases
• Plants specific for areas light requirements
• Setting standards in hygiene and housekeeping
• How to sell more


29 June 2012 KZN Creative Display Level 1 – Introduction
08 May 2012 Cape Creative Display and Merchandising Level 2 – Advanced
15 May 2012 Cape Indoor Plant Care
June Gauteng – SANA First Aid Level 1
06 August 2012 Gauteng – South First Aid Level 1
13 August 2012 Gauteng – North Creative Display and Merchandising Level 2 – Advanced