SAGIC Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2 – July 2012

Hi Everybody

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Convention 2012 committee for another excellent and successful SAGIC Convention. We have received numerous positive remarks and compliments. Well done to the 2012 Convention committee, as well as the SALI ladies!


Rudi Kruger, Paul Vonk, Mikki Roxmouth, Ida-Marie Ehlers, Karl Jaacs, Chris Wilkinson, Val Wamsteker.


The time and effort put in by these people is mind boggling.

Numerous people were involved in making the Convention a success, the professional MC’s Kay Montgomery and Morne Faulhammer, SALI Chairman Paul Kirkby, the SALI ladies, Val, Mary, Debbie & Sylvia, the numerous speakers & presenters(incl Marcel, Guy, Gustav, Sean, John, Jonathan, Cllr. Matthew, Eric, Fourie, Terry as Panel Facilitator, the Panel), Chris the Audio Visuals expert, Karl the photographer, Paul the “presenter” and “wow” expert, Margie for keeping calm during the booking frenzy, the SAGIC 2012 Sponsor Partners, Ida-Marie for the raffle, Mikki for incredible support, Keith for arranging speaker gifts, Eric for the Park visit, Gillian for support, Lagoon Beach & Castle staff, Audio Visual staff, and last but not least the event co-ordinators Koos & Lizbeau. You all deserve medals!

And lastly but most important, all the delegates for their superb attendance & participation!

Convention 2013 will be in KZN!

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Best wishes, Rudi


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