SANA Award 2011

SANA Awards 2011


Each year at Convention we acknowledge certain SANA members for their service to the Industry, by giving awards of Service, Merit or a Gold Medal.


Gold Medal:

Frik Bruwer

SANA’s highest honour. This medal is awarded to a dedicated member who has been a loyal supporter of SANA and who has made a valuable contribution to the Green Industry over numerous years. Congratulations to Mr.Frik Bruwer!







Service Award:

Ian Simon, MIT Gardening Distributors  & Halmar Taschner, Ludwig’s Rose Farm

This award is presented to a SANA member who displays commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty to the Association through positive and motivated involvement in SANA activities.

Merit Award:

Cary Goodwin, Colourful Nursery GroupThis award honours an individual who has shown dedication and support to the Green Industry over a number of years.

President’s  Award:

Paul Vonk The recipient of this award is chosen by the President. It is awarded to a SANA member that has given the president exceptional support and guidance

Young Grower & Young Retailer Awards 2011:

These awards were created to acknowledge young SANA member employees who excel and perform above expectation and were awarded to: Young Grower Award 2011:  Peter van Rooyen, Planthaven Nursery Young Retailer Award 2011:  Tumelo Motshwane, Skukuza Indigenous Nursery

Young Grower Award : Peter Van Rooyen

Young Grower Award : Peter Van Rooyen

Young Retailer Award : Tumelo Motshwane

Young Retailer Award : Tumelo Motshwane