SANA Awards 2014

SANA Awards 2014

Gold Medal: Theunis Ebersohn

From innovation of product or stalwart supporter of SANA he has been part of the industry for over thirty years. Building Efekto into one of the biggest brands and supporting the GCA Competition are just part of the legacy he leaves with SANA as he retired last year.

Passionate about people and in particular the green industry people as well as his involvement at all our events from Trade Days to Golf Day and everything in-between. His unwavering dedication to SANA makes him a worthy recipient of the 2014 SANA Gold Medal.

SANA Awards 2014

Gold Medal: Alan Ross

It is hard to imagine SANA in Mpumalanga without thinking of one of our most loyal supporters in that region. For many years he was the point where many a retailer and buyer on tour in the region would get advice. In his own words “back in the day they all stayed over here” referring to his home which was always open to what have now become SANA friends.

He is an active supporter of the Growers and continues in his role as the SANA representative on Citrus related issues. The Gold Award recognizes his support to SANA as well as his contribution in building relationships and networking opportunities between SANA Members which has ultimately benefited the green industry.

SANA Awards 2014

Service Award: Cary Goodwin

Over a number of years she has served on various committees and continues to make a valuable contribution to SANA with active participation.

She is currently on the Marketing committee, the Bursary committee, Environmental committee and is the current SANA representative to training.

As a retailer and an educator she continues to motivate her peers as well as the next generation. Her passion and enthusiasm for our industry makes her a perfect candidate for this award.

SANA Awards 2014

Service Award: Nick Stodel

His role in SANA over the past few years culminated in his Presidency of SANA. Nick Stodel has raised the profile of SANA and indeed South Africa on an international stage where he has served as the SANA representative to IGCA.

In 2012 Nick became the first South African President of the IGCA and as such influenced a new generation of international garden centre owners.

This award not only recognises his work and achievements as SANA representative on this platform but also as a role model to many of our younger Members.

As a second generation retailer he continues to inspire and motivate.

SANA Awards 2014

Merit Award: Gavin Armfield

For a number of years he has been the go to guy for the SANA office when the girls need help.

He has served on the Convention and the Marketing committees. Even outside of his committee work he is a strong supporter of SANA and promotes the Association in a positive way through his actions.

This award recognises a quiet individual who is always willing to offer advice and support behind the scenes and on committee level.

SANA Awards 2014

President’s Award: Tanya Visser

When I first asked her to join the EXCO as an Elected Member she asked me if I was sure this was what we wanted to do. Two years later I sat her down and asked her to be my Vice President – The day and a breakfast I will always remember – Again she asked me if I was sure this was what we wanted to do. After working with her for four years on the EXCO I can truly say undoubtedly – Yes – Not only for SANA but for me this has been a great journey together and a friendship for life reinforced.

She embodies the SANA spirit and her unwavering support to me as President is something I will long remember.