Young SANA Awards 2017






Young Retailer of the Year 2017






Joseph Dzviti

In June 2014 a young man came to our branch looking for work. He had done a short Horticultural course and had worked as a Gardener and with a landscape company for a short period. He had no retail experience but impressed the Manager with his passion and enthusiasm.

He was hired as an assistant, our most junior position and tasked to look after our animals in the play park area as that was the only position available. Even though he was completely out of his comfort zone and not in his desired nursery department, he promised his Manager that he will prove himself and not let her down. The next thing the management team heard was that one of our goats had given birth over the weekend but young Joseph refused to leave the goats side and stayed overnight to ensure that mother and baby were ok.

This was certainly not expected nor requested, this was Joseph’s inherently good heart and work ethic coming out.  A few months later he got his chance in the Nursery Department where he progressed from an assistant, to a sales consultant and ultimately to a Supervisor all within a 2 year period. In this time he put himself forward for all training opportunities, volunteered to lead staff training in our morning meetings and when public transport became a huge problem for him to get to work on time, the next thing we knew he got his motorcycle licence and bought himself a motorcycle to ensure that he would always be able to get to work when he needed to.

Through his actions he has demonstrated commitment, loyalty, initiative and the drive to be the best version of himself he can be!  He leads his team by example, expecting the same high standards from them as he does of himself.  This young man is going from strength to strength and we are proud to be part of his journey.



Young Sales Rep of the Year 2017





Chelcea Soal

 A second generation SANA Member she is not only enthusiastic about selling her product she is a very enthusiastic supporter of SANA especially when it comes to building and manning their stand at the Knoppieslaagte Trade Fairs.

A passionate ambassador for the company, she is redefining the image of the family business.

She has dramatically increased service levels as well as the customer base since joining the business. Still studying she has brought that passion for marketing into her day to day role and has introduced social media marketing especially on Pinterest and Facebook to promote not just their brand but water feature gardening in general.




Young Grower of

the Year 2017













 Jolindi Kat

 At the backbone of SANA are the Growers, without them we would not have green product to sell. As the next generation takes over the baton we are fortunate to have passionate individuals like our 2017 Young Grower of the Year.  Born with flowers in her veins, she worked for pocket money with her brothers filling plant bags.  While studying Landscape Technology & Horticulture at the Tshwane University of Technology she joined the family business part time in 2007.  In 2010 she joined the company full time as Head of the Cutting Division where she made huge improvements through the skills and experience gained while doing her practical in-service training in the Netherlands.

She is actively involved in the improving of plant standards, production and general management and her passion for growing is visible in the end results.

She was promoted to Assistant General Manager and works closely with her brother, Jimie to make this, one of SA’s largest production nurseries even more successful.

Our 2017 Young Grower of the Year has shown that our industry in good hands.